Kirkland golf balls,

Who makes kirkland Golf Balls?

Kirkland Golf balls have become popular among golf players. Costco decided to sell golf balls with the Kirkland signature brand in the year 2016.  These golf balls have made a lot of people excited because of its unique features.


In the year 2016, Costco sold one dozen balls for 29.9. When the golfers knew that they had high-quality golf balls in the form of Kirkland golf balls, they started to purchase more and more.

Costco was not able to store them in a Stock. That is why these high-quality balls had sold out without any delay.


The golfers tend to buy these balls not only for their affordable price but also for good performance. A soft urethane cover usually encases a Kirkland golf ball. It gives a long-lasting durability, the best greenside control, and a responsive putting feel.

Kirkland golf balls

A soft feel with the high speed is possible with the low compression elastic rubber core. In other words, we can say that kirkland golf balls perform as intended for both beginner and expert players. However, these golf balls lack a premium feel that is associated with other top brands of golf balls in the golf industry.


This article reviews some best Kirkland golf balls in the market to make your search hassle-free.

Kirkland Four-Piece Golf Ball :

Key features:

  • Super service.
  • Best structure.
  • Goof feel.
  • Availability at a suitable price.
  • Good value for the high price.
  • High build quality.

The cost of a Kirkland four-piece golf ball lies within the range of 150 to dollar 200. It may seem pretty costly but its high-quality and the best performance justify its high price.


Urethane composes the shell of the golf ball. This premium ball provides the best field feel. However, the delicate nature of urethane cover results in the bad flight of the golf ball.

Kirkland golf balls

The urethane cover can also change its cover due to high exposure to the sun. The ball trajectory and spin rate are increased with the 360 dimple design that comes with the exterior of Kirkland four-piece golf ball.


There is a large and soft core associated with the Kirkland signature golf ball. This property is very useful for players with the low swing speed. It helps in increasing the ball velocity as it moves too far from the Golf Club.

An increased compression is possible because of the soft aspect of the core. While there is no impact of energy from the club head on the surface of the ball because of the large core. A maximum distance is provided to the expert players with the low swing speed because of the large core of the ball.


The design of these wonderful kirkland golf balls minimizes the difficult stages for those individuals who are new to golfing activity


  • Excellent spin.
  • Appropriate distance.
  • Best performance.


  • Durability is not enough.
  • Costly.

Kirkland three-piece Golf Ball :

Key Features:

  • High performance.
  • Strong built quality.
  • Best design.
  • Good amount.
  • Good distance.

Kirkland golf ball is not only the optimum ball in the market but also affordable. The build quality of this ball is impressive. Its high performance is enough for the competitive and recreational play.


A flexible and delicate elastic is used to build the center of the Ball. The Kirkland three-piece golf ball provides the medium spin capable capabilities so one can get enough spin for the iron shorts because the mantle performs with the cover.

The backspin resists the flight up in the wind. Also, the kirkland three-piece golf ball proves to be the best pick for high or mid handicap golfers. This ball helps in improving the shot accuracy without any delay. It is interesting that you get two dozen of these wonderful spinning golf balls for just a few dollars.

Kirkland golf balls

So, if you want to save money, you should buy them quickly. When it is compared to the four-piece golf ball, you can see that its durability is not up to the mark. However, the overall build quality is wonderful. Its urethane cover can turn to yellow because of high exposure to the sun. Due to the less durability level, these kirkland golf balls can’t last for a long time.


  • Good spin and distance.
  • Good for expert players.
  • Reasonable cost.


  • Durability level is not good.
  • Cover can turn to yellow quickly.

Cut Golf two-piece Golf Ball:

Key Features:

  • Best build quality.
  • Good accuracy.
  • Perfect for slow swing speed.
  • Good material.


Cut golf two-piece golf ball comes with unique features. It is the best pick for the golfers with low club head speed. The overall build quality is impressive. It attracts a lot of golfers.

Kirkland golf balls

Cut golf two-piece golf ball comes with an Ionomer cover and a two-piece cover. There is a 332-dimple pattern and a two-piece construction. It also conforms to USGA. It makes sense to invest in the Cut golf two-piece golf ball because of its high performance. The high quality of the golf ball justifies the price.

The ball helps in improving the accuracy off the tee. If you are looking for good distance, you should never ignore Cut golf two-piece golf ball. Cut golf two-piece golf ball allows to maintain green side performance without any difficulty.


The material of the golf ball is awesome. Its design perfectly exceeds all the needs of the players interested in golfing.


  • Good value for the price
  • High performance
  • Great design
Kirkland golf balls

Table of Consideration:


The golfers usually look for the budget friendly golf balls because golfing is not the cheapest sport. The Kirkland golf balls prove to be the best option for newcomers and budget seekers.


The popularity of these balls is going to increase. Now Costco, the manufacturer of Kirkland golf balls, has become a big brand in the industry of golf balls.


The other brands find it difficult to contest its entry into the golf balls industry.

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