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Tom Watson Golf Balls- All You need to know

Tom Watson Golf Balls:




Thomas Sturges Watson (born on Sep 4, 1949) is a veteran American golfer who ruled the roost unparalleled in the 1970s and 1980s. He has snatched eight major championships and reached the PGA Tour money list five times. According to McCormack’s World Golf Ranking, Watson has been the ‘number one’ from 1978 to 1982. From 1983 to 1984 he stood second, pleasing his fans through the jiggling swivels of Tom Watson golf balls.

Watson aptly defies the age; at the age of 60 years and after a hiatus of 26 years, he led after the 2nd and 3rd rounds of Open Championship 2009; unluckily, he could not make it to the four-hole playoff by the skin of his teeth, missing Tom Watson golf balls by a few inches. The hall of fame includes five Open Championships, two Masters titled, and one U.S. Open title. The only major PGA Championship eluded him to enter the “career grand slam” – an elite group of golfers.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Watson was inclined towards golfing by his father Ray, learning the tricks little by little at Tom Watson golf balls. He then played for Kansas City Country Club and won four Missouri State Amateur Championships by the time he reached university. At Stanford University, he earned a degree in psychology in 1971.

After an illustrious career, he briefly took a break from the Tom Watson golf balls and returned to the limelight in 2009. The USGA bestowed him a special exemption to the U.S. Open 2010 considering his performance. He finished the tournament in a tie.

Amazingly, Watson is the only golfer that has participated in all forms of major professional championships played at Pebble Beach. His remarkable consistency could be gauged from the fact that he made at least a single PGA Tour cut per year for a streak of continuous 37 years; 1971–2007.

He is also the only golfer to score a round of 67-circa in all four majors. From the year 1999, Tom Watson has been an honorary member of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews in Scotland.

After being a resident of Mission Hills, Kansas, Watson is now settled in Stilwell, Kansas with his spouse, two children, and three stepchildren. In his city, he has set up the National Golf Club of Kansas City.

All in all, Watson has been one of the most competitive players in the genre of golfing. His flare of abundant length with accuracy, aggression, and superlative short game perches him as a skilled bad-weather putter. Watson is also known for his recovery skills and gritty talent. Furthermore, he has developed a personality of scrupulous honesty; on my occasions calling a penalty stroke on himself.

Tom Watson is indeed a living legend. The saga does not stop here. The supernova is all set to transfer his experience to the busts of novice players. He has been a great mentor of all time. Below we would elaborate on the two learning resources by Tom Watson which is considered as the crux of his all-time memories.

The Timeless Swing:


Product Type: Book |Pages: 224 |Publisher: Atria Books |Publication: March 29, 2011 |Dimensions: 8.38 × 0.9 × 10 inches
In the book ‘Timeless Swings’, the great golfer comes out with this definitive international guide offering all the necessary lessons for enhancing your game at any age by Tom Watson golf balls’ assistance. The tutorials are illustrated with 4-color photographs throughout the book.
Watson tries his level best to teach the same standards of good mechanics, repeatability, and rhythm which he once showcased to the world at large. In the running lines of the book, the American Ryder Cup Captain Tom Watson takes on board all the expertise and knowledge he accumulated throughout his extraordinary career.
The best thing about the pedagogy of Tom Watson is not to overlook the ingredient of ‘fun during learning’. Hence, making his tutorials pleasing to the taste buds. The book starts from scratch and goes on to advanced skills like proper gripping of Tom Watson golf balls, swinging in wind, or aggressive shot-making. Moreover, he breaks down the complex tasks into easy milestones, explaining in his trademark easy tone.
Furthermore, the lessons are further complemented by a variety of not-so-known tricks of Tom Watson golf balls that only a veteran knows and usually hesitate to share.
Watson is damn sure that his taught concepts through this book would enable players of all ages and levels to attain a timeless swing. While the epic illustrations by award-winning photographer Dom Furore nicely capture the essentialities of a reader’s eye.
This type of complete guidance could only be found in exorbitant private tutorials. Laden with archival glimpses of Tom Watson’s career, The Timeless Swing is an indispensable guide for the golf geeks.

Lessons of a Lifetime


Product Type:



Two discs and a booklet |Lessons: 44 |Publication: Volume I |Dimensions: ‎5 x 4 x 1 inch
Lessons of a Lifetime is a more creative endeavor by Tom Watson to instill the best skills to the newbies for Tom Watson golf balls. The series is preceded by the Lessons of a Lifetime volume II.
Empirical data corroborates that 88% of the beneficiaries of this 2010 best-selling DVD are of the view that their game has improved manifold. The booklet laden with DVDs covers almost all the prerequisites of playing advanced golf, perching the game as first-class. The content list goes on as;
The Grip
Grip Pressure
The Setup
Aim and Alignment
Aiming Methods
Call Positioning
“The Secret Tip”
Find Your Waggle
Back Swing
Closer look
Transition and Downswing
The Hook
The Slice
Low shot
High shot
Uneven Lies
Distance Disc
Recreating Shot
Basic Chip Shot
Method Drill
High and Soft Lob
Heavy Rough Chipping
Uneven Lies Chipping
Bunker Shot
Buried Lie
Uphill Bunker Shot
Downhill Bunker Shot
Long Bunk Shot
Fairway Bunker Shot
Hybrid Play
Full Swing
Putting Drill
Put Under Pressure
Playing in the Wind
Full Shots
Slicing the Ball
Hooking the Ball
Bruce Edwards Tribute
Behind the Curtains

The content of lessons is self-explanatory catering to every need of the golf player. The resources are evenly beneficial for beginners, experienced, and advanced players.



This is an example of immense blessing that Tom Watson has opened up his treasure trove for the public at large. A sagacious read-up of both resources is likely to rectify the flaws in playing golf and could produce the next-generation masterclass players. Have a try!

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