Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers 2021

Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers



People think that golf is more of a modern-day game only made for the elites. But that’s not the case at all now. Golf originated back in the 15th century, and as per the latest stats, the number of golf players is rising year by year. That’s why you must fully understand the dynamics of the golf ball and how you can ace the game with the right. But first, you need to get the right ball to start with. Here’s a list of the best golf balls for average golfers in 2021 that you can use to get the best ball.


Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers:


Taylor Made Golf Balls:





Not every day is the day when TaylorMade Store decides to shock the golf community with their new golf balls collection. Known for its low spin motion and high-speed thrust, the ball is one of the best titlest golf balls for average golfers.

Talking about the core design of the ball, the TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls come with a react core. This allows the ball to maintain its overall momentum even when flying through the air at high speed. And how can somebody possibly forget the amazing 342 Aero dimple pattern?



Let’s take about the overall build quality of the balls that makes it one of the best golf balls for average golfers in 2021. The outer structure of the ball is made from hard and durable 2-piece synthetic constructions. This allows the ball to endure the strongest of hits as well.

As a result, the ball can move with a higher speed as compared to other golf balls under the same range. The added 77 compressions allow the average golfer to better practice with the ball alignment and precision scoring. But don’t try to hit too hard when looking for a more précised and targeted shot.


Whenever we talk about the best golf balls for average golfers in 2021, many factors determine whether the particular ball is going to make on the list or not. But, the most important feature for any golf ball to become the best is its ability to provide maximum value and performance to the golfer.

And this is exactly what TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls focus on the most. The added alignment aid also helps the golfer to align his/her every single shot up to perfection. Just aim the all at your line and roll it on its way.


Key Features:



  • 3-piece construction.
  • Large core.
  • Aerodynamic design, To avoid air resistance and travel more distance.
  • Best-level technology.
  • Upgraded from its previous version. (Previous version launched in 2016)
  • Offer 2 different colors.




  1. React core.
  2. Comes with a ball flight chart.
  3. Dozen balls per pack.


  1. Often compared to range balls rather than real golf balls.



Taylor Made Noodle Golf Balls:



Let’s be honest here, as soon as you heard the term best golf balls for average golfers in 2021, you were looking for the amazing TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls. We understand the amount of craze and excitement is associated with these budget golf balls.

The overall structure of the ball is quite impressive and different from the rest of the golf balls, even from the Best Bridgestone golf balls for average golfers..




The balls are made from a super durable but soft iothane outer covering. The iothane covering provides the extra flight that ranks the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls as one of the best golf balls for average golfers in 2021. The covering encloses itself an impact propulsion core rather than any other core dynamics.




The impact propulsion core allows the ball to get a longer carry period as well. That’s why these golf balls are preferred by golfers who are always looking for a ball to practice with. And this ball has proven to become the best partner of many golfers.

If we take a closer look at some of the best titlest golf balls for average golfers, and then compare it with the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls.

We can see where the difference lies. This is one of the very few TaylorMade golf balls that has a patented ball dimple design of its own. This specific dimple pattern allows the ball to exhibit a great spin potential even in the greens.

That’s why, if you were looking for something that would perform exceptionally in the woods and greens as well, this is the right deal.




  1. Exhibit great spin potential.
  2. Iothane cover for extra durability.
  3. Known to shatter records of ball flight and carry.


Bridgestone – A top Notch Golf Ball for Average Players:



Bridgestone Is your answer if you are looking for something that will inspire you and your golfing skills in the long run. This ball is designed for golfers who don’t have amazing swing speeds but who still want to maximize their distance. The thing is that if you are an average golfer you are going to take some time to enhance your golfing skills. You would need a ball that can serve you best in this regard.

Bridgestone is an ideal golf ball for average golfers. This ball has a 2-piece construction that allows it to be compressed easily, but the low compression core still provides a great feel and high speed on shots. You can practice a lot on this amazing equipment.


Bridgestone’s is engineered to provide added control and distance. Its improved aerodynamics create consistent flight with increased speed, while the soft feel allows for a comfortable swing that also provides great shots when needed most. Also, If you believe that you need a golf ball in yellow or white, this one will serve you well.


golf, golf ball, golfing-1284011.jpg

Key Features:


  • The ball is the best choice for children who want to enhance their golfing skills.
  • For added distance, it’s a great one.
  • You can easily get it in the pack of mighty 12.




  • An ideal choice for added distance.
  • Sophisticated feel.
  • Extremely soft.


Titleist Pro V1 – Perfect for Average Golfers:




The new Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is designed to offer total performance and features longer distances. It has a very low spin for better control of the long game shots. Also, Titleist offers penetrating flight with less hook or slice bias than previous models. There is even a Drop-and-Stop greenside control so you can sink those key putts on demand. The golf ball for average golfers also has a softer feel that makes it easier on your arm.

With the softest cover formulation ever used on a Pro V1, this new ball gives you more greenside spin for better control in your short game.


Also, it had a low-cast urethane elastomer cover. This golf ball for average golfers was created with an ultra-thin coating of Urethane. Urethane gives players increased greenside rotation to help them with their shorter shots.


This golf ball is extremely resilient that makes it the best choice for elderly or average golfers. In case you want to practice your golden skills all you need is Titleist.





Key Features :



  • This golf ball is an ideal choice for teenagers who want to enhance their golfing skills before the tournament.
  • The high flex casing is extremely resilient which makes it ideal for long spins.



Pros :

  • Offers a lot of resilience for teenagers.
  • Ideal for a long spin.
  • Awesome for the elderly.

Snell – Class Apart for Average Golfers:




Although there are so many golf balls available on different platforms yet it is hard to find a ball that makes the best choice for average golfers. But if you know about Snell, the best golf ball for average golfers, you are covered.

Definitely, you would not want to miss the three-piece designs that are award-winning in nature. Let’s say you want to train yourself hard before the tournament and you want to start early in golf, all you need is this pack. With these balls, you can be a golfing expert in no time.

They all know that a great golf ball for the average golfer offers a large distance and lower spin. The best thing about this golf ball is your capability of covering long distances with a low spin. You can easily expect a 7% compression.


Sometimes if the weather is not that nice you can still play with this golf ball because it offers aerodynamics which could be great for all the weather conditions. With these golf balls around, you can play a game in a windy season as well. Snell never disappoint you because it is ideal for what it is built for. You are sure to get amazing results out of this.



best golf balls for average golfer

Key features:


     These balls are littered With all the best features that an average golfer could expect including lower spin and longer distance.

     Snell can be the best company and if you want to play golf in weather that is rather windy.






  • An ideal golf ball for average golfers because of its many qualities.
  • Extremely sophisticated in experience and appearance.
  • The feel is heavenly.

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls :



Titleist, the best average ball in golf, introduced a new line of golf balls called TruFeel. It is a multi-component golf ball designed to deliver the soft feel of balata with increased distance, trajectory and speed for the average golfer. Softer and faster – that’s what 100 million golfers have been waiting for, and Titleist offers just that.

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls feature a patented ultra-thin seamless cover that delivers an exceptional short game feel and is very soft to the touch. It uses Titleist’s TruFlex technology, based on years of materials research and development.

The new line also features a new grafted core, which provides low driver spin for increased distance and high iron spin for control. The core is activated by the ultra-thin cover to produce a soft feel and high trajectory.

The balls are available in white and high optic yellow. TruFeel golf balls for average golfers are designed to provide a softer feel with less driver spin. It promised increased distance with the lower spin off the irons and wedges for more control.



best golf balls for average golfer

Key Features:

  • The fastest Titleist golf ball ever.
  • Designed to deliver a soft feel with increased distance and trajectory for the average golfer.


  • TruFlex technology has been used.
  • Softer and faster.
  • This new line is for average golfers

Wilson Staff D300 Golf Balls – The Best for Golf:



Wilson is a brand that has been in the golf ball industry for many years. They’ve always been known to make high-quality, durable, and reliable balls. The Wilson Staff is no exception to this rule. These balls are designed with a low compression core which gives you more distance off of long drives and shots into the green. This golf ball for average golfers also boasts an advanced 302 Ph.


Wilson is a trusted name in the golfing world. These Wilson Fifty Elite Golf Balls are made of premium materials to provide you with the best golf experience. These balls are intended for players who want exceptional value for their money.

These balls have a soft feel that makes them easy to hit, straight, and long. They are designed to improve your game without breaking your bank account. If you’re looking for a good quality ball at an affordable price, this Wilson fifty elite golf balls model does what every amateur golfer would like it to have.


Wilson’s 50 Elite golf balls are made for the golfer who might be a little above average to awful. They have an exceptional feel and spin, which makes them great for all skill levels. The cover is firm so it will take off nicely on the tee. If you have a normal or high swing rate, these Wilson fifty elite golf balls will go pretty far down the fairway.



best golf balls for average golfer

Key Features :

  • A Cost-effective golf ball for average golfers.
  • An ideal companion to the loo for before the tournament



  • Easy on the Arm
  • Aesthetic
  • Accommodating Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls – Pure Bliss :


Titleist Tour golf balls are the #1 choice of tour professionals. The technology that goes into these balls gives them long-distance, straighter drives and more control around the green than any other ball on the market.

Each Titleist Tour is made with a special dual-core construction that allows for better energy transfer off the clubface to give you greater distance and feel around the greens. They also feature a soft ionomer cover that has been designed to reduce spin around the greens so you can stop your approach shots quicker and easier.

Some handicaps can be part of one’s routine. In case you have some mid-level handicap and still want to make sure that you do something for your golfing skills then all you need is a Tour Ball. An average golfer can also make a lot of progress with these golf balls.


Next time if you believe that you can make a mark for yourself in the industry then make sure that you practice with tour balls. Each and every ball is class apart and you are going to learn a lot about golf even if you are an average player.




Key Features:

  • These balls are ideal for people who have mild level handicap issues.
  • One can easily enhance the golfing skills by practicing on these awesome golf balls


  • The balls are extremely easy on the hand and even feel no restraining or pressure.
  • These also have an aesthetic value.
  • Potent for Practice.

Nitro Ultimate Golf Balls:


 How can we possibly conclude the list of the best golf balls for average golfers in 2021 without mentioning the Nitro Ultimate Golf Ball? Today, even if we take the best Bridgestone golf balls for average golfers into consideration, there aren’t that many golf balls available that are perfect for every type of condition.

You are looking for precision playing, looking for that extra spin, or something that can last a lifetime, this ball is the perfect deal for you to practice with.


So, where does all this durability comes from? The secret lies in the premium quality Dupont Lithium Surlyn outer covering that provides practically invincible durability and resilience.

The outer covering further encloses the premium quality 2-piece Titanium-based core. The Titanium core is specially designed to provide the extra reactive push to the ball with the minimum effort.

This allows the ball to reach greater ranges and projectiles over time. But remember, use this ball only if you’re trying to master the art of golf ball balance and precision hitting.

Also, the ball is USGA-approved. The ball complies with all the devised rules of the USGA which makes it one of the best golf balls for average golfers in 2021 without a doubt.




  1. 2-piece Titanium super reactive core.
  2. Durable outer covering to contain the reactive core.
  3. Known for achieving high velocities.



  1. Not suitable for beginner level golf playing.







As an average golfer at the moment, we understand exactly how you feel while practicing with a ball that can’t perform exactly the way you want it to. After all, practice is the only thing that can take you to the rank of pro-level golfer one day. But how can you practice if you don’t have the right ball for your level? That’s why we sorted out these best golf balls for average golfers in 2021 so you can select the best one according to your preferred requirement. But to make this choice easier for you, our experts will suggest to you the two best options anyone can choose from as an average level golfer. Try using the TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls or the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls, to begin with. After all, TaylorMade is known for making exceptional-level golf balls in this range.

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