Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

Well, do you know what precisely best glow in the dark golf balls are? Such balls have an incorporation of LED Lights that make it easier for golfers to see them at night.


Our top pick is the Thiodoon, which has a dimpled surface and a soft feel. The next best option would be the R & L with its ultra-low compression core for increased distance and improved feel.


Finally, you can’t go wrong with the Crest Golf ball which comes in a pack of 6.



Best Glow in the dark Golf Balls:


THIODOON – Best in –  Glow in The Dark Golf Balls


THIODON is class apart. These light up Led golf balls for night golfing, come with sock/golf bag clips for easy carry. In case you don’t like holding a lot of things in your hand while you are heading for golf playing, you can always carry a sack.


These golfing balls are made of durable high quality material to provide years of enjoyment under all weather conditions. Yeah you can play with them in any weather you want.


Also, these are the softest and longest distance glow in the dark balls you can buy.

glow in the dark golf balls




Key Features of THIODOON:

  • Comes with a sock for easy transportation.
  • Super perfect for all weather conditions.
  • Softest to touch.
  • Comes with two pieces of high-contrast color on one side to help you line up your putts more easily.


  • Easy to spot on the green.
  • Two pieces of high contrast color for easy putts.


  • The high contrast color can be hard to see in some lighting conditions.

R & L – Runner up in Best LED GOLF Balls:


Put your golf skills on display for all to see with these environmentally friendly fluorescent golf balls. If the nights are too short and you’re a time-crunched professional with a busy day job, just turn off the lights, pull out R&L Golf Balls, and enjoy a little night golfing before bedtime.


Made from durable imported PVC materials that make it easier to find in tight spaces during darkness, these top rated glow in dark golf balls come complete with 2 double fluorescent layers that shine brighter for longer―along with a handy 24 LED UV flashlight.



Key Features:

  • These are not hard in the swing.
  • R&L Golf Glow in the Dark Golf Balls uses a special material that absorbs light from any source and then reflects it back as bright white light.
  • These top rated glowing golf balls give an aura of twilight.
  • These are visible from a long distance.


  • Tested and proven best for night golf by golfers.
  • Enhances the judicial power of the mind during the play.
glow in the dark golf balls



CrestGolf – Runner up 2 in Best Glow in the Light Golf Balls:

Crestgolf’s LED Light Up Golf Balls are the perfect gift for any golfer. These light up golf balls come in a pack of 6 and each ball has 3 different modes: Solid, Slow Flash and Fast Flash.


The most heartwarming news is that – once any golfer hits these LED Golf balls they are going to light up for the fab 8 minutes. In this wonderful 8 minutes, you can marvel at the beauty of these balls because they are not going to automatically shut down before this time frame



Crestgolf is the first golf ball with built-in batteries. This revolutionary product allows you to play a round of Golf without ever having to worry about charging your battery.

Crestgolf comes in three different colors: White, Black and Orange.


The batteries are permanently installed within the golf balls and will last up to 50 hours of hitting time (depending on how often you hit them).


Once they run out of power, you can still hit and play them as normal golf balls.





Key Features:

  • Balls are extremely distinguishable because of the logo.
  • These provide the light for straight 8 minutes.
  • Ideal to enjoy a game with friends at night.
  • The feeling is perfectly awesome.

Pros :

  • An ideal choice for a golfer with bad eyesight.
  • Appropriate for people with 9 to 5 jobs are they can enjoy a golf game at night.
glow in the dark golf balls



Things you must Ponder before buying a Golf Ball for Night Play:


Golf balls for night play are specially designed balls which provide maximum visibility in low light conditions. If you will ponder these amazing factors before buying Glow in the Dark Golf Balls, you will never be disappointed.


Quality of the light is a must factor :


The major factor that needs to be taken into consideration before buying a ball is the quality of the light. Definitely you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a ball that does not have a nice light quality.

Do not forget the Strobe Effect :


The balls which give off a strobe effect prove to be very effective in low light conditions such as in fog or when visibility is reduced due to darkness.

Perfect Bright Light Emission :


A golf ball for night play should emit a bright light which can be seen easily in low light conditions.

The Know How of Terrain :

Another important thing to consider before buying a Night play golf ball is the terrain where you will be playing. The balls which have a rough texture provide better traction in soft conditions.

The Casing and Durability :


Also check that the balls have a strong casing and are durable. The weight of the ball is also an important factor as lighter balls tend to fly much further after being struck with the club.

Conclusion :


So are you a golfer who is in search of quality night time Golf balls? After the nerve breaking research we have come up with three fantabulous glow in the dark golf balls that can assist you in your goal setting like a champion.

Our personal recommendation would be with all three balls because they are a class apart in their genre. Each of this ball has the capability of giving you a fantabulous time while you will be busy playing.

Also if you don’t have amazing eyesight, you can make use of these light golf balls to enjoy your Golf passion.

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